Bush Ready for World War III

After invading Afghanistan and Iraq, Bush is preparing a new war against Iran though the war in Afghanistan and Iraq is not over yet.

Bush also plans to spread missiles in Europe surrounding Russia which make Russia angry.

In Bush era, oil price rocketing from US$ 22/barrel into US$ 90 because of war he made in Afghanistan, Iraq, and new war in Iran.

Bush also plans to turn food into fuel in 3rd world countries such as Indonesia that will make many people starve all over the world.

So the world should be prepare for the World War III that prepared by Bush.


Castro claims Bush could spark WWIII

By WILL WEISSERT, Associated Press Writer 34 minutes ago

HAVANA – Fidel Castro wrote Tuesday that President Bush is threatening the world with nuclear war and famine — an attack on Washington a day before the White House was to announce new plans to draw Cuba away from communism.

“The danger of a massive world famine is aggravated by Mr. Bush’s recent initiative to transform foods into fuel,” Castro wrote in Cuban news media, referring to U.S. support for using corn and other food crops to produce gasoline substitutes.

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