Injustice Between Israel and Islam – Iran Peaceful Nuclear Reactor vs Israel War Nuclear Bombs

The Jewish lobby (Jewish businessmen, Politicians, and Journalists) plays important role in USA. The US Presidential Candidates must get support from the Jewish Lobby so the they could finance their campaign and also get good coverage in Mass Media owned by Jews to win the election.

So, whenever there is conflict between Israel and Islam, the US presidents always support Israel.

The Palestinian people who live in Israel country treated as second class citizens. They have no vote and could not be voted as Israel president. While the Israel youth could carry guns and shoot them to Palestinian people, the Palestinians are forbid to own guns.

Israelis also take Palestinian’s land for their own settlement. Yet, the Palestinian freedom fighters who try to defend their land treated as terrorists that should be wiped out.

US Presidents, including (maybe) Barack Obama make Iranian Peace Nuclear Program for Electricity as a big thing. They prepare economic and political sanctions against Iran. Even war if they have to.

But all US Presidents just keep silent about thousands of Israel’s Nuclear Bombs which purpose is not for peace. But WAR!


“All men are equal,” that is what many US presidents said, including Barack Obama. But are they really mean it? Do they treat Israel and Islam equal? …Is Justice for All?

Well I hope Obama could be a just president.

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