Photos of Israel Barbarism against Palestine

These are the photos of Israel Barbarism on Palestine. The pictures speak for themselves.

Israel Soldier pointing gun at a terrified child

Photo of an Israeli soldier pointing gun at a terrified child in front of his father and mother. Is the soldier still human or a heartless monster?

Israel killing Palestine children

Photo of a dead child killed by Israel.


Israel killing babies

Photo of a dead baby killed by Israel


Israel kill American and English women

Photo of an American and English women killed by Israel soldiers.


Israel robbing Palestine land

Israel is keep taking Palestinian land. That is why the Palestinians which is called “Terrorists” by Israel and its cronies fight the Israel back.

Israel can killed the Palestinians with illegal clustered missiles and chemical weapons launched from jet fighters and helicopters that supplied by US government. Israel can kill Palestine children and babies as much as they want without any sanction with support of US government.


US tax payers money sent to Israel by US government

US government give billions of dollar from US Taxpayers to Israel.

US government will veto every resolution that condemn Israel Barbarism because no one could be US president without the support of US Jewish millionaires’ fund and mass media (such as CNN).

Paul Wolfowitz used his puppet, George W Bush, to attack Afghanistan and IraqPaul Wolfowitz used his puppet, George W Bush, to attack Afghanistan and Iraq

Israel bomb UN School that killed 34 children without invasion sanction such as US do in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not even economic sanction that Iran received from US Government.

Who will help the children and babies of Palestine from Israel Barbarism?

Please spread these photos (in to your friend an family. Don’t let them die without people know or remember.


Israel propagandists are very good. They slaughter Palestinians. Yet they succeed convincing people that the victims are the terrorists.

To understand how the Jews control the world, just read what Malaysian leader, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said:

Don’t forget to see more pictures of Israelis’ Brutalities here:

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  1. […] english version syiar islam […]

  2. The day is not too far. Allah will help each and every muslim, the real religion.

  3. What is there to say, I have got no words to express my sorrow. This is not an equal-of-power war. The Israelis have latest technological weapons provided by the U.S. and the palestinians have nothing else than stones.

    The Hamas is to be blamed for the death toll of their civilians because the Hamas leaders should have analyse their strenght before fighting the Israelis and should have thought that the civilians are unarmed and not let indulge in this fight where they will be killed savagely. The Hamas compared themselves to the Hezbollah, for God’s sake, the Hezboolah are the Hezbollahs !!!! They have been fighting Israel for decades and have the war experience and know-how to do so and not Hamas !!!!!


    Its a shame for the Arab League !!!! They are thevery opposite of braveness x 1000 times. They stay blunt !!! Its as if not their problem !!! Or may be they are so afraid to get vanquish again by Israel. I have not heard any arab country giving their opinion about the massacre going on in Palestine. We asian Muslims are proud, arabs always tend to act superior to asian muslims, i know how it goes on in saudi and other arab countries – we asian or african muslim know very well what’s their mindset but we asian muslims around the world are not scared to voice out what we think and we are brave and we are and will save the Ummah. So, I think that this “Club of losers”that is the arab League should close down.

    One more thing – seing that the United Nations organisation is remaining numb and dumb, all arab countries should have quit this organisation without any delay. For God’s sake, you are the one who’s got ore petrol!!!! Its you who should set the rules !!!!

    Moreover, what is more disgusting is that when it comes to AID, it is only Britain, France, Germany which always send their medical support and food, whether for the Tsunami, starvation or outbreak in African countries. We don’t hear Saudi Arabia (they are damn rich !!!) , Turkey, UAE and others. Don’t they feel ashame?? They all say that they follow the guidance of the holy Quran but I think that its we, asians and african muslims who have received the holy guidance from Ar-Rahman for understanding the Quran’s meaning.

    Well, being a sunni Muslim, i think that the saviour of the Palestinian people and Irak would be Iran – though sometimes we make the big mistake in ignoring them. I am proud of this country at least they stick to their beliefs – thats is- to be martyrs like Imam Hussein (RA) and Hassan (RA) and I pray that Almighty bless them and curse the munafiq that says they are muslims.

    Well, I am waiting for your comments.

    Thank you


  4. I am horrified by the war, but let me tell you that the soldier on top is NOT pointing his gun toward the child. Notice that the soldier would have to bemore than 2.20 metres tall, standing close to the child (watch the angle of his gun) but it still wouldn’t match laws of physics.

  5. This is very good. I learn English at with one palestine sutndentand they tech me lots of things. It is very sad what happen there. You have made a a very impressive site so far. I look forward to reading and learning more.

  6. For Francis the photos are real. If you don’t believe, just watch AlJazeera TV. There are many children and babies killed by Israel. There are many war journalists go there. Even a Reuters journalist killed by Israel recently. Look:

    Video: final footage of Reuters journalist killed in Gaza – Times …
    17 Apr 2008 … Warning: the video footage above contains images of a graphic nature) The editor -in-chief of Reuters demanded that Israel launches a …

    The Palestinians don’t have many special effect specialists such as Jews who have many (Steven Spielberg, Deamworks, Disney, etc) who could make fake videos about Israel Holocaust.

    The photos and videos are real…

  7. For Dawood, I have read some news and see the Palestine Map from 1948, 1967, and now. The Palestine area keep shrinking into nothing taken by Israel. Israel also blockade them so the Palestinians don’t have enough food and they eat grass. They don’t have oil, electricity, etc. So they live in Hell. That’s why Hamas attack Israel. Yet from 10 Israelis victim, only 3 civillians, while most victims from Palestinians are women, children, and babies. There is no excuse at all for Israel. They are war criminal that should be punished.

  8. Hi Nizaminz,

    I agree with you on the fact that the Palestinians are deprived from the very basic needs like : water, electricity and others. What I condemn is the fact that the other Arab countries are ignoring the fact that their very own brothers ans sisters are dying terrible deaths. Yesterday, the watched on TV the secretary of the UN – he said stop fighting and it seems that it was just an Act of this drama or even more a role-play – some kind of cover-up as truly, they approve and cannot counter-act Israel. Once again, we come to the conclusion that its the Arab League’s role to intervene.

    Yesterday, I also watch on BBC an interview of the Chief Palestinian Negotiator who is in Egypt for a stupid negotiations. That guy, Saeeb something was very czy – nice well-ironed shirt, tie, a nice suit – what is he doing !!! Negotiating !!!! Negotiate what !!!!

    The only solution that remains is that the Hezbollah come into this fight – yes we need our Shia brothers.. There ‘s no other way !!!! The Hamas is not that strong to launch a real attack against Israel. That’s my final conclusion.


  9. israel is a really devil in the world

  10. i insist that israelian kind nd jews must be extarminated nd killed to the last one for what they do in all around the world the deservre that coz they are the source of all trouble on this planet imagine a planet without this creature they kill and they do bad things for nothing just to challenge the holly god coz the last prophet was promeessed for the jews but god sent him to the arabs for that they hate them nd they wish they can kill all the arabs i’m real in what i’m saying nd those who want to know more about that they can study the islam i think that they will change thier mind about islam nd the muslims in general thanks for this page in which we can leave even a breif thing from what we suffer us the arabs thaks twice

    • There is no excuse for the barbarism of the Israeli government and IDF. This FACT, however, does not imply or deduce that all Jews are of like mind. There are many Jews who go to Israel to protest the insanity of the Likud government. There are also many Jewish students who come to the US to lecture about that same insanity.
      You paint with far too broad a brush. Your statement is at best irresponsible and inappropriate–a gross over-simplification. In truth, it belies the peaceful basis of your religion as well. So, while seeking to justify your own wish for slaughter, you denigrate the very religion you look to for justification.

      And that, sir, makes you a douche-bag, a war-monger like those you hate, and a fool.

    • Well, the Israel and IDF barbarity in Palestine should be stopped right away because it’s barbar and it’s cruel….

      Why US government bomb and invade Iraq and Afghanistan, give strong sanction to Iran, yet do nothing against Israel?

  11.…why this can be happen? where the people gone? lokk at the Gaza 1100 people was killed, maybe more…let’s make our wolrd clean from devils
    from indonesia

  12.…why this can be happen? where the people gone? lokk at the Gaza 1100 people was killed, maybe more…let’s make our wolrd clean from devils.

    ——-from indonesia——-

  13. Assalamualaikum W.W.


  14. Ya Allah don’t leave our brothers n sisters in Ghaza alone. I believe that there will come the day that Allah will turn this situation. This dien will win . n la3natullaah 3ala israel n America n those who help them. La tahzan Innallaah Ma3ana.

  15. Jews are conspiring against humanity. God has created man and such crimes against the man can not go unnoticed from him.The jews have gathered in Israel from the whole world. Imagine if God avenges their barbrianism against innocent people; would these accumulated jews not be facing another “HOLCAUST.”

  16. i just wanna say fuck u israel

  17. ya allah..give victory to our brothers n sisters in palestine..
    to them..never give up.bring back islam.bring back islam..u’ll not alone.we will stand by you..

  18. this is said in the quran by allah that the jews will kill hundreds of thousands of muslims.
    we cannot change that but what we can do is help them, help our brothers and sisters and be true muslims.
    helping is not only going to palestian and physically helping them, helping is also doing dua for them.

    oh allah make the israelis burn in hell.
    make them go through the pain equivelant to the pain they caused loads and loads of palestinian muslims.

    israelis don’t want peace…..they want war..
    sa as muslims we should help the needy so the israelis are needy for death so lets give them death…they want blood lets give them blood..

    (do something and help our brothers and sisters)

  19. israel is a beast, no one can ever accept what israel is doing to children in palestine, this is so crusial and devestating, but someday israel will vanish and revenge will heal our souls

  20. kta hrus brsatu sebgai umt islam,,,,,,

  21. The Jewish Religion is against cruelty, and in showing staged pictures. Israel too can show the results of Palestinian rockets landing in school yards.

    You have a religion. For you it a good religion. For Christians their religion is a good religion. Same for Hindus, and true Muslims. Your following, via your website shows hatred, and that is ever so sad.

    There is a reason why the Jewish religion celebrated its 5771st year, and that reason is that it is a very good religion. How many years to go for the Muslim religion to reach 5771 years?

    From a believer in God, Allah, Hashem, or whatever you call the almighty, religions are like ice-cream. You like Chocolate, I like Vanilla, my friend over there likes pistachio. Which is the better flavor? Only Allah knows, not you, not me, not any human.

    But read this. All monotheistic religions believe in one god, and that god is the same one, only the manner of worship is different.

    So stop spreading your bitterness around. Your religion forbids what you are doing.

  22. Well, we’re not showing hatred. We’re just showing the facts that Israelis are barbaric. Maybe as “The Chosen People” the Jews think other people are like mosquitoes that could be killed as they like. That’s why Allah said that the Jews are “The Cursed People”!

    Look at the picture of Israeli soldiers pointing gun at a terrified kid. Was that kid launching a rocket?

    Look how the Israeli driver crush Rachel Corrie to the death:

    Was Corrie carrying rocket or gun at that time?

    Look at the photo of a dead baby killed by the Israelis:

    What was the baby’s fault to deserve the killing?

    The Israelis rob Palestinian land. They isolated Palestinian people so the Palestinian people could not get food, water, and medicine. The Israelis are killing Palestinians almost every day. They are full of hatred. Not us!
    We are just showing the facts so the world will stop the killing. That is what our religion teach.

  23. It’s fucking bulshit!
    israel do not kill children so stop to fuck the mind.
    Hamas kill all the the people who not agree with them

  24. Well Avishay,
    The pictures up there show that you are lying!
    It’s the Jews who kill Palestinians, Rachel Corry, etc…:)

  25. […] Agus Nizami If you think ISRAELIS=ANGELS, just look how the Israel kills Palestinians, Rachel Corrie and people in Mavi Marmara ship: http://islammyreligion.wor​​o-of-israel-soldiers%E2%80​%99-brutality/​deo-rachel-corrie-23-year-​old-american-killed-by-isr​ael/http://islammyreligion.wor​​o-israel-attack-humanitari​an-aid-in-mavi-marmara-shi​p-19-volunteers-died/http://islammyreligion.wor​​os-of-israel-barbarism-aga​inst-palestin… 13 minutes ago · Like […]

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