US-Israel Disarm Gaza: Next Massacre on Defenseless People?


US and Israel government sign an agreement to stop “arm smuggling” to Gaza so Gaza will not be used as rocket launch pad to Israel. They ask other countries such as Egypt to do the same.

It means Gaza people will be defenseless while Israel have nuclear bombs, jet fighters, tanks, and warships. When Israel attack again in the future, the total massacre will be a lot easier with no country to help Gaza people just like Israel do in Shabra and Shatilla with Lebanese militia, Nablus, Hebron, etc.

Before Israel attack Gaza and kill more than 1,100 people there (mostly women and children), the US government sent weapons to Israel. Then Israel attack Gaza.

After 21 days fighting, Israel did not dare to enter Gaza because Gaza population is 1.5 million people and the people in Gaza still have rockets and guns. Israel afraid there will be resistance and their soldiers will be killed one by one like US soldiers in Iraq.

That is why Israel made “peace” and withdraw from Gaza. But Israel with the help of US government try to disarm Gaza first before they make another attack.

Why Hamas or should I say Gaza people (because Hamas is the election winner there) firing their rockets to Israel? There are many answers for that question.

First Israel with the help of Egypt and other Arab countries is blockading Gaza so Gaza people have not enough food, medicine, water, and electricity to survive. Gaza people have to live just like underground rats by passing small hidden underground tunnels to get food or medicine because if Israel know Israel will drop bombs from jet planes. Some of Gaza people even eat grass to survive. Is it not enough reason to launch rocket to Israel?

Israel also keep robbing Palestinians land with bulldozers for settlements. At least one American Woman died for “stopping” Israel bulldozers. The Palestine map keep shrinking from 1948, 1967, and now. Is peace (silent) a solution for land robbery by Israel?

Hamas is the election winner in Palestine. Most Palestine people choose Hamas as their leader. According to “Democratic” system they should be the ruler government. Yet the Israel and US government calling Hamas terrorist and try to topple Hamas from Palestine Government. Is it decent?

The attack against Hamas is equal to attack against Palestine People.

Israel have slaughtered many civilians (more than 1,100). Mostly women and children. Israel not only bombs government offices, but also thousands of homes, mosques, and also UN schools. It is a war crime!

Yet Israel seems will not get any sanction at all like Nazi War Criminals. Israel officers, such as Tzipi Livni, freely meet US and European officers and get a warm welcome while she is nothing but a cruel murderer who take part in killing many children and babies in Gaza.

So the next massacre on defenseless Gaza people will continue after Gaza People is totally armless. They will have to face clustered chemical bombs from Israel jet fighters. They will become human experiment for Israel uranium depleted bombs or even nuclear bombs.

Some Arab leaders such as Hosni Mobarak (Egypt President) and also Abdullah (Saudi Arabia King) are helping Israel and US in killing many Muslims. Mobarak closes Gaza borders so Gaza people do not get food and medicine and cannot escape from massacre.

While Abdullah gives Arab lands for US military bases so US soldiers could kill many Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, and also supporting Israel from there. Saudi Arabia also supplying oils for US and Israel so the US-Israel jet fighters, tanks, and rockets could run.

From 21 Arab Countries, there are 9 countries (Including Egypt and Saudi Arabia) that refuse to attend Arab League meeting in Doha, Qatar to help Gaza people. Egypt and Saudi Arabia’s leaders should be ashamed because even Iran which is no Arabic attend the meeting as an observer.

Many Arab Leaders cooperate together with US and Israel government (Egypt even as an Israel Embassy), so the attack against Muslim such as in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine will continue. The war is not over yet.

Text of U.S.-Israel agreement to end Gaza arms smuggling – Haaretz …

– [ Terjemahkan laman ini ]

19 Jan 2009 … Text of US-Israel agreement to end Gaza arms smuggling -News and commentary relating to events in Israel, the occupied territories, …

Reuters AlertNet – US says arms shipment to Israel not linked to Gaza

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10 Jan 2009 … AlertNet provides news, information and analysis for everyone interested in emergency relief. AlertNet is run by Reuters Foundation.

Israel, US stand against Gaza arms smuggling

By Washington correspondent Michael Rowland and wires

Posted Sat Jan 17, 2009 6:37am AEDT

Condoleezza Rice (R) expects other countries to follow the US’s lead and sign a similar agreement.

Condoleezza Rice (R) expects other countries to follow the US’s lead and sign a similar agreement. (Reuters: Jonathan Ernst)

* Video: Palestinian delegate talks about Gaza conflict (ABC News)

As the fighting in the Gaza Strip continues, the United States and Israel have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that aims to stop Hamas smuggling arms into the territory.

The agreement, signed in Washington, is intended to stop weapons being smuggled into Gaza through its border with Egypt.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says any ceasefire in Gaza must include a permanent end to rocket attacks on Israel.

She says other countries are expected to sign a similar agreement with Israel.

“The United States is reaching out to its partners as well, and together, the steps that we and other members of the international community can take will contribute to a durable ceasefire.”

Israel‘s Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni says an end to weapons smuggling into Gaza is essential before any ceasefire can be agreed to.

Dr Rice, who blamed Hamas rocket attacks for sparking a 21-day military offensive by Israel, said the memorandum of understanding aims to ensure that “Gaza can never again be used as a launchpad” for such attacks.

Ms Livni thanked her US counterpart for completing this “historic MOU in record time.”

“There must be an end of smuggling of weapons to Gaza,” Ms Livni said.

“The MOU we sign today is … a vital component for the cessation of hostilities.”

However, it was not immediately clear when a ceasefire could be achieved.

At least 1,145 Palestinians have been killed and another 5,160 wounded in the Israeli onslaught, according to Gaza medics.

Some 600 civilians have been slain, including 355 children, they said.

Israel launched its Operation Cast Lead on December 27 to stop Hamas militants, who control the Gaza Strip, from firing rockets on southern Israeli towns.

Ms Livni said Israel had shown restraint for years under Hamas rocket attacks, but Hamas had held “Gaza hostage” and finally to pay “a high price for terror.”

Ms Livni’s trip follows intensive discussions in recent days between senior US and Israeli officials, including a phone conversation between Dr Rice and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Thursday.


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  1. Why Israel is powerful? You can also check the link


  2. It is a known fact that:

    without the US aid, Israel would have ended up in a shit bin long time ago.

    There is no country in the world as corrupted as Israhell.

    Israel is still growing! (in its boundaries…! Yes guys, it has not stopped stealing land of the Palestinians!)

    Israhell’s soldiers are a bunch of shit-heads, pussies. They fear death. That’s why they use Palestinian kids as human shields, kill women and new born babies.

    If Americans Knew – what every American needs to know about Israel

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