Afghanistan: Muslim Cannot Fight Another Muslim


The phenomenon of Afghanistan war is quite sad. US and its allies not only attack and invade Afghanistan and slaughter its people, but also use “Muslims” to fight other Muslims in Afghanistan.

There are (though only a few) US Muslim soldiers who ordered by their infidel leader to kill their Muslim brothers in Afghanistan. US government also ask Pakistan and Turkey which are Muslim countries to fight other Muslims in Afghanistan.

The Muslims (whether US Muslim soldiers, the governments and soldiers of Pakistan and Turkey) are clearly defying Allah’s order in the Al Qur’an.

“Lo! as for those whom the angels take (in death) while they wrong themselves, (the angels) will ask: In what were ye engaged? They will say : We were oppressed in the land. (The angels) will say: Was not Allah’s earth spacious that ye could have migrated therein? As for such, their habitation will be hell, an evil journey’s end” [An Nisaa’ 97]


At prophet era during Badar war, there were Muslims in Mecca that did not migrate to Madina with prophet though they were able. Finally they were forced by Mecca infidel government to war against prophet Muhammad in Badar war and get killed. Allah explain in the Al Quran that the Muslims who fight against prophet and other Muslims will be in HELL.

That is what will happen to Muslims who fight other Muslims whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places.


The greatest boxer in the history, Muhammad Ali, bravely turn down the order from US government to fight Vietnamesse civillians during his military service when Vietnam War happen. Ali did not want to kill innocent civillians.

Because of his action, Muhammad Ali was imprisoned by US government. He also lost his title as the world boxing campion. Yet, Ali face it patiently  with courage.

If to non Muslims such as Vietnamesse people we should not kill, then to innocent Muslim people in Afghanistan we should not kill even more. We should not obey the Infidel US government’s order to kill Muslims in Afghanistan who are abused by US government and its allies.

Instead, they have to help Afghanistan Muslims to fight US and its Allies soldiers until they leave Afghanistan.

“…And wage war on all the idolaters as they are waging war on all of you. And know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him).” [At Taubah 36]

Only with trick and “Divide and Conquer” strategy US and its allies could defeat Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. They use Muslim government in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Turkey to help them to conquer other Muslims.

If Muslims united and could not be divided, then the infidel armies will not last long and soon be defeated.

Khalid bin Walid with 3,000 muslim soldiers could hold 200,000 Roman soldiers at Mu’tah war. Prophet Muhammad with his 30,000 troops could deter 200,000 Roman soldiers so they did not have a gut to show up at Tabuk War. Sultan Salahuddin Al Ayyubi from Ottoman empire could defeat the whole European crusaders at Crusade war.

The history show us that if Muslims united, though their number is very few could defeat the infidel army though their number is very large. It is sunnatullah. The law of Allah!

“And if those who disbelieve join battle with you they will take to flight, and afterward they will find no protecting friend nor helper. It is the law of Allah which hath taken course aforetime. Thou wilt not find for the will of Allah aught of power to change.” [Al Fath 22-23]

So we hope all Muslims in the world stop fighting against other Muslims. Instead we should help one another to defeat the infidel soldiers who kill innocent civillians and make puppet government that defy the law of Allah.

12 Responses

  1. Muslim Cannot Fight Another Muslim

  2. Turkish soldiers never fought against Muslims for the US. Not in Afghanistan, not elsewhere.

  3. Well I hope you are right my brother.
    In fact Turkey once had showed his leadership in leading Islamic army against European invasion.

    I hope we could repeat that once more.

  4. I am Bilal zazai I am from afghanistn

  5. Islam is our life and thing for living and learn us how to live life, We are very proud to be an Muslim

  6. we are proud to be a muslim & our islam is the best religion in the world.

  7. I’m kinda wondering why we must continue they cyvle of hatred? Fear. Sickness. Corruption. Decay.
    Discrimination. War and Terrorism. Is the repeated cycle of hatred. We have to break this chain and get over our differences create a world of peace. Each country is not with out its corruption we the people must stand up against our own governments fight with words and not guns and bombs. Killing will lead to more killing it will never end until we are all dead. no one is better then one another. Don’t be oh my race is better then your race. My religion is better then yours. My home is better then yours. those remarks create anger among us and the fighting begins.

  8. we are proud to be a must..

  9. Good day to you my brothers and sisters.. I agree as what you’ve said against Obama, this US President really used this tactics in order for the Muslims brothers will not fight back each other, he really thinks that WAR can make our WORLD be at PEACE but he is totally wrong. WAR is not the main solution for this problem… Just a heads up my brothers and sisters, I am not a muslim but I appreciate your religion that much and I respect it. Spread the word PEACE not the word WAR, let there be LOVE and PEACE in this world.

  10. I cant se that pictures toba khodaya ALLAHU AKBAR

  11. down fith fockin U.S.A

  12. thats not fair those pour children our now dead because of bad wars

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