Upin and Ipin: The Best Islamic Cartoon Film for Children

Alhamdulillah there is a good Islamic cartoon for children, namely “Upin and Ipin” from Malaysia. This film is very good with computer animation design.

The topic also very good and Islamic. Some of them are about Tarawih prayer, Fast in the Month of Ramadhan, Zakat donation, Salam, etc. Comparing to Western and Japanese Cartoons that full of violence and sex (at least exposing female thigh and breast and also kissing scenes), Upin and Ipin is very good and educative. By watching Upin and Ipin, our children could learn how to behave well according to Islamic teaching.


This film is very attractive and funny. My children, Hana (7 years old) and Irfan (4 years) very fund with the film. It is a very Islamic film.

The film is made by Hj. Burhanuddin Bin Md Radzi cs from Malaysia.

Here is the video Clip:


Website Upin and Ipin:


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    • Thanks for the advice.
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  3. this was great cartoon in this generation! go… go..! God bless. 🙂

  4. Masha Allah. This sooo cuteee!…

    I hope we have this programs in philippines also….
    I would prefer my little brother watch this than spongebob squarepants which makes him dumb…
    are theyre any links where I can download the episodes them?
    or otherwise CDs for sale with subtitles of course….=D

  5. how can i dowload it, for my two little boy instead of other cartoons they watch, thanks any things help this.,

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