Photo of Israel Soldiers’ Brutality

In the Quran Allah often criticized the Jews bad deeds. In these photos you could see the brutality of Israel Soldiers. They are not only killing Palestinian men, but also Palestinian women and Children.

“And you will find most of the Jews commit sin, fighting, and eat forbidden food. It is very bad what they are doing” [Al Maaidah:62]

Click photo to enlarge.

Don’t forget to see more pictures of Israelis’ Brutalities here:

8 Responses

  1. Nice Falsetinian proPALganda. Arabs attack Jews in order to kill them because they are Jews… and that’s OK for you. Jews kill Arabs as reaction to their aggression in order to defend their kids from Islamic waves of terror… and that’s Wrong for you!
    Don’t attack Jews and they won’t attack you back…. or if you chose to attack atleast don’t do it from within your civilians!

    • ignorance is a disease because you believe that you know yet you know little.and always try to know about issue before making comments.listen to balanced news on al jazeera and other reputable media and not liars like cnn and co.

  2. Well, the pictures show the truth.
    Dead Palestinian children are proof that the Jews are barbaric.
    The Jews media such as CNN, NYT, Washington Post try and you to cover it, yet they fail…

  3. God bless the Jews
    You Muslims deserve this
    wherever you go you bring death & destruction
    Happy to see those pics

  4. This is obvious.
    I believe ALLAH will help Muslims fight this war .


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