Why the Palestinians Fighting the Israelis?

Do you know why “the terrorists” Palestinians are fighting the Israelis and keep launching rockets to Israel though they know they will get bombed by the Israel Jet fighters?

Just look the picture bellow for the answer:

Look at the historical map of Israel-Palestine.

In 1946, more than 90% of the land belong to Palestine. The Israel only have 10%.

UN Partition Plan on 1947 gave Israel 50% of the land.

In 1949-1967 Palestine land only 30% while in 2000 become 10%!

The picture above show how the Palestinian’s land getting smaller taken by the Israelis.

The Israelis do not buy land from the Palestinians. They simply rob it with bulldozers and tanks. Look at the photo of an American girl named Rachel Corry who died crushed by the bulldozers bellow when she tried to stop the land robbing.

Israel robbing Palestine land

Just imagine when the Israelis rob your home with their bulldozers. Will you just accept it?

Why the Palestinians become “terrorists” and attack the Israelis. Just look the picture bellow. Imagine if your kids and wife murdered brutally by the Israelis jet fighters and tanks:

7 Responses

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  2. allah is with us

  3. […] Agus Nizami Well, my links use wordpress.com. The best provider. So why insecure? In 1945 there is only one Country: Palestine. Yet the Israelis with the support of British rob the land from Palestine. Israel is a robber country…. read this: http://islammyreligion.wor​dpress.com/2010/12/25/why-​the-palestinians-fighting-​the-israelis/ […]

  4. the zionists’ state will disapear sooner or later and we the Palestinians will return home.
    the severe stupidity of the jews prevent their little minds to fully understand this point. to the HELL idiot zionists

  5. May ALMIGHTY ALLAH retrieve his land back from the land rubbers.

  6. Inshallah Palestine will win the land

  7. What Israel are doing today is nothing more than haterate for Palestinian and for the Muslim of the whole world

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