Film Kingdom of Heaven: Crusade War between Christians and Muslims

Well, these are the video clips from Kingdom of Heaven Movie. The war between Christians and Muslims.

Battle of Hattin which ended the Kingdom of Jerusalem. The greatest loss of the crusaders. Saladin victor of this battle was now able to capture the city of Jerusalem.


Saladin: Will you yield the city?
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Film About Prophet Muhammad and Islam: The Message

Here is the movie:

Video Rachel Corrie, 23-Year-Old-American Killed by Israeli

At the age of 23, Rachel Corrie was full of life. At the age of 23, she was a senior in college ignited by a passion for justice. At the age of 23, she traveled to the Gaza strip as an activist for peace. And, it was at the age of 23 that Rachel Corrie knelt to the ground wearing an orange fluorescent jacket as a 9-ton Caterpillar bulldozer came toward her, knocked her down, crushed her with its blade, ran her over, backed up, and ran her over again. At the age of 23, Rachel Corrie was loved by family and friends who would never see her radiant life again.

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