JeruSalem Means DaruSalam or The Islamic Country

JeruSalem in Arabic is DaruSalam. Means: The Islamic Country.
Is it just a made-up?
Well, God has given the land to Muslims (People of Islam) since 672 AD to 1917 before taken by the British and then to Israel. It’s for 1245 years long. More  than 12 centuries.

Well, the fall of the Jerusalem have been prophesied. And Muslims will take over again also have been prophesied in the end of time.We are ordered to spread Shalom or Salam in Arabic. That is the same word with Islam that means peace or submission to God. The Hebrew and the Arab only know consonants. SLM: Salam = Islam
We have to spread Islam or Peace to the World…
We should know what we are talking about when we say Shalom or Peace…

— with Dr-Ali Panda and 3 others.

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