Cartoons the New Holocaust in Gaza

These are the cartoons of the New Holocaust in Gaza.

I hope we could stop Israelis barbarism for good.

Israel soldiers with US technology slaughter babies and children in Palestine.

The New Holocaust in Gaza

The New Holocaust in Gaza

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Prophet Muhammad: The Best Man in the World

Islamic Empire Map 100 years after Muhammad died

Prophet Muhammad: The Best Man in the World

“Verily in the messenger of Allah ye have a good example for him who looketh unto Allah and the last Day, and remembereth Allah much.” [Quran 33:21]

That is the words of God describing the nobleness of Prophet Muhammad. Even a non-believer such as Sir George Bernard Shaw in his book ‘The Genuine Islam,’ Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936 wrote that if there is a new religion that will prevail in England or Europe in the next century that would be Islam. Muhammad is a wonderful man and should be called the Savior of Humanity, said Bernard Shaw.

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