How to Prevent and Cure Hypertension, Stroke, and Heart Attack with Hijamah

Coronary Heart Disease, chronic illness in which the coronary arteries, the vessels that supply oxygen-carrying blood to the heart, become narrowed and unable to carry a normal amount of blood. Most often, the coronary arteries become narrowed because of atherosclerosis, a process in which fatty deposits called plaque build up on the inside wall of an artery.

Plaque is made of oily molecules known as cholesterol, fibrous proteins, calcium deposits, tiny blood cells known as platelets, and debris from dead cells. When its blood supply is reduced, the heart does not receive sufficient oxygen. This oxygen deficit leads to two main consequences: chest pain known as angina pectoris, and heart attack, in which part of the heart dies because of oxygen deprivation. Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, responsible for about 515,000 deaths each year. (Encarta Encyclopedia)

Well, the hypertension, stroke, and Heart Attack can be prevented and even cured (if it is not too late) with Hijamah (Cupping Treatment Therapy). Hijamah is an Islamic Medication that is more effective and cheaper than modern medication.

If in the modern hospital you should pay US$ 1,000 to 1,000,000 for stroke, with Hijamah you only pay US$ 50 to US$ 500.

What is Hijamah?

First of All, we should now from hadeeth that our prophet used to get hijamah even in Ramadhan.

From Ibnu Abbas r.a. Prophet said : “There are 3 medications: drinking honey, hijamah, and hot iron. And I forbid my people from hot iron.” (Hadist Bukhari)

Hijamah is removing the toxin and virus from your body by taking the dirty and clogged blood (which contains cholesterol, virus, etc) out of your body. The way of Hijamah is similar to blood donation that take your blood away with a big needle.

The difference is, the needle of Hijamah is much smaller. It is the same with lancet needle to take your blood for medical test. It is not painful at all. Just like bitten by small ant in a fraction of second. If the blood donation could be 473 ml (1 pint), then the blood that out from your body in Hijamah only about 50-150 ml. Very little.

And if the blood in blood donation is fresh, the blood that out from your body in Hijamah is dirty, thick, and black. If the dirty blood is not removed from your body, it could be clogging your artery and causing hypertension and heart attack.

If you get Hijamah, your head ache and fatigue will be away. You will feel fresh again. In 3 days, your body will produce fresh blood to replace your dirty blood.

After 4-6 times of Hijamah (once a week), usually the patient who had stroke will be healed again. He could read or walk again after his/her blood pressure return to normal.

I have a sister. She got stroke on November 2008. After 6 days in the Hospital, the blood pressure still 160. She cannot read SMS in HP. Then I took her to a Hijamah medication. The day after, her pressure return to 120! After 6 times of Hijamah, she could read the SMS again. Maybe it is unbelievable for you. But it is true from real experience.

If you do hijamah routinely (once a month), then your blood will always be fresh and the possibility of blood clogging in your artery could be minimized.

Once I feel very painful in my left lower chest. I immediately do Hijamah at my upper, middle chest and also spot between chest and stomach. Thank God until now (after several months) the pain no longer come.

Honey and Dates could be eaten to strengthen your body so you could recover quickly. Don’t forget also to exercise so you get a strong heart and lungs. Go on a diet (fast in Monday and Thursday) with less meat and more vegetables and fruit so you could get healthier.

If you want to get a cupping treatment therapy, just contact

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  1. Jazakamulla

    for the infomation and like to learn this tipe of valuble madicatioh


    Thasneem Lafir

  2. Wa’alaikum salam wr wb,
    You’re welcome brother Thasneem.
    Insha Allah in Indonesia and Malaysia the Hijamah beginning its popularity.
    My family and I have known some of the “miracles” of this medication with Allah’s permission. Even I, has been learning this medication directly from a master for 3 days and still keep learning while practicing this medication to my family and me.

    I hope the medication which used by our prophet routinely could be known by every Muslims.

  3. So how does Hijama really prevent & cure hypertension, stroke & heart attack?

    Take for example Coronary Heart Disease….

    Where plaque already built up on the inside wall of the artery. Do you agree that if we want to improve the blood circulation, we have to remove the plaque?

    So does Hijama able to remove the plaque? How? We did not do Hijama exactly on the point where there is plaque right?

    Please reply me at


  4. Dear Ain,
    First of all we should know that all blood in our body is connected to each other. It means, if we suck blood in one point, other blood in surrounding area will be sucked up too if suck it strong and long enough. For example, you could see the blood of hijamah in a glass that around 20-30 mm while the depth of the lancet is only around 0.3 mm or less. So if we suck it nearby the plaque, sooner or later the plaque will be sucked up to.
    The second is, most blood (especially the normal one, not the plaque) is always moving/circulate to all our body. It moves from heart into all our body, then back to our heart again. Then it will go to all our body again, on and on.
    We should know that the “plaque” in artery is the accumulation of “dirt” in the blood such as cholesterol and fatty acids. This dirty blood when collided with the plaque will join the plaque and make the plaque bigger and bigger until it totally block the artery and could cause the stroke/heart attack:
    Risk Factors and Coronary Heart Disease
    # High blood cholesterol — As blood cholesterol rises, so does risk of coronary heart disease. When other risk factors (such as high blood pressure and tobacco smoke) are present, this risk increases even more. A person’s cholesterol level is also affected by age, sex, heredity and diet.

    # High blood pressure — High blood pressure increases the heart’s workload, causing the heart to thicken and become stiffer. It also increases your risk of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and congestive heart failure. When high blood pressure exists with obesity, smoking, high blood cholesterol levels or diabetes, the risk of heart attack or stroke increases several times.;jsessionid=5DHAJRKIWNL2UCQFCXQCCZQ?identifier=4726
    From the article above, you could see 2 factors of Coronary Heart Disease:
    1. Dirty blood with HIGH CHOLESTEROL
    Well, Hijamah will remove the dirty blood about 125 cc (1/4 of blood donation). The blood is very thick that could cause plaque and contain high cholesterol, etc. In 3 days, our body will produce the new fresh and NORMAL blood to replace the dirty blood. This blood will not make plaque in the artery.
    Once people who has high cholesterol do hijamah (around 20 minutes), he will feel better. All the fatigue in the neck and shoulder will be gone. After 4-6 times of hijamah (with 2-4 weeks interval), his cholesterol become normal. If he get hijamah routinely once a month, in a year he will get 1500 cc of new fresh and normal blood.
    This blood will circulate through you artery and removing the plaque (not join the plaque) just like clean water removing dirt on in a pipe.
    Hijamah will remove the second factor by lowering the BLOOD PRESSURE. Do you know if a tire or a balloon has a high pressure, we could lowering the pressure by letting the air out?
    So is hijamah. Hijamah will remove some blood in our body (125 cc), so our blood pressure could become lower.
    By removing the factors of Coronary Heart Disease, Hijamah could prevent and even cure the disease.
    If there are 10 persons who have coronary heart disease, I will be glad to do hijamah to 5 of them and we will see the progress in 2 month by doing lab examination before and after the hijamah. We could compare the result between people who do net get hijamah treatment with those who get
    Thank you for asking.
    Best regards,
    Agus Nizami

    • can you pllz help my farther he has heart failure last stage where are you based iam from london

    • Well Sakina,
      I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.
      May be there is a place of a good Hijama practitioner in London
      Though my mother (70 years old) often ask me to do hijama for her, yet I don’t recommend Hijamah for people above 63 year old.

    • Thank you very much.I have got coronary artery disease with one stent already in since 10 years now.which points should I do the Hijama.

  5. Inshalla give me remedy am a chain smoker aged 47 and am now getting constant headache fatigue want to quit smoking slowly

  6. How can u help ma mum she’s 72 yrs already suffered a stroke. I pray 2 Allah 2 heal her inshaallah.

  7. Is there a place 4 hijama in Kenya?

  8. My colleague had a stroke…he is 66 but not a muslim…half of his body is paralysed…will hijamah work for him….if so how long is the process…please get back to me asap…i need desperate help for my colleague….

    Allah hafiz


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  10. is it available here in the philippines?

  11. my mom has a cardiovascular and her heart was not functioning well is hijama will work for her?

    • Hijama only removing the thick clogged blood so the blood circulation better. Hijama also reducing the blood tension by removing some blood so the heart attack and stroke could be prevented.
      Just like tire, if the tension is too high, it could explode. But if we release some air, the tension is down.

  12. Salam every one my father have stroke from last 10 years .He is over 65 it’s hijama will help for him.

  13. If your father blood pressure is very high or feeling stiff and headache, Hijama is good for him to reduce the pressure and the headache

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