Video Mahathir Mohamad: “Jews Rule the World by Proxy and get others to fight and die for them”

Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said:  “Jews Rule World by Proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.”

Though it is like a conspiracy nut’s statement, hey, it’s Dr Mahathir Mohamad who said it. He was the prominent leader from Malaysia, So he know very well what he said.

The Jewish Banker such as Rothschild finance the British to wage war against France. The Rothschilds earn enormous sum of profit from the war by giving loan to British Army and also for the rebuild cities after the war (Britannica Encyclopedia and Wikipedia). Even said that Nathan Mayer Rothschild as the war financial supporter  receive  the news of Wellington’s victory at the Battle of Waterloo a full day ahead of the government’s official messengers (Wikipedia).

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Discussion About Dinar and Dirham Currency at Umar Vadillo’s FaceBook

In his profile Umar Vadillo wrote:

“Some people think we are just selling gold and silver coins, but they are wrong -they are only looking at the surface in which they dwell. If they had Taqwa they would reflect on their own sickness and join our common struggle fisabilillah to spread Trust in Allah, our firm belief in the unremitting authority of His Commands, and our unshakable commitment to join Allah and His Messenger in His war against Riba.”

Some Muslims agree with what Umar wrote, while others don’t.
Some who disagree such as Adrian Chin wrote:

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