Why the Palestinians Fighting the Israelis?

Do you know why “the terrorists” Palestinians are fighting the Israelis and keep launching rockets to Israel though they know they will get bombed by the Israel Jet fighters?

Just look the picture bellow for the answer:

Look at the historical map of Israel-Palestine.

In 1946, more than 90% of the land belong to Palestine. The Israel only have 10%.

UN Partition Plan on 1947 gave Israel 50% of the land.

In 1949-1967 Palestine land only 30% while in 2000 become 10%!

The picture above show how the Palestinian’s land getting smaller taken by the Israelis.

The Israelis do not buy land from the Palestinians. They simply rob it with bulldozers and tanks. Look at the photo of an American girl named Rachel Corry who died crushed by the bulldozers bellow when she tried to stop the land robbing.

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Photo of Israel Soldiers’ Brutality

In the Quran Allah often criticized the Jews bad deeds. In these photos you could see the brutality of Israel Soldiers. They are not only killing Palestinian men, but also Palestinian women and Children.

“And you will find most of the Jews commit sin, fighting, and eat forbidden food. It is very bad what they are doing” [Al Maaidah:62]

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