What is Islam?

Islam means submission to Allah (God). It is the same root with Salam (SLM) which means peace.
Islam is not invented by Muhammad PBUH. In fact, Muhammad is just one of the prophets of Allah. The last prophet of all.

Prophets such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, etc all taught Islam religion. Maybe we do not aware of this, but many of them say that they bring “PEACE” (Islam) to the world.

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Upin and Ipin: The Best Islamic Cartoon Film for Children

Alhamdulillah there is a good Islamic cartoon for children, namely “Upin and Ipin” from Malaysia. This film is very good with computer animation design.

The topic also very good and Islamic. Some of them are about Tarawih prayer, Fast in the Month of Ramadhan, Zakat donation, Salam, etc. Comparing to Western and Japanese Cartoons that full of violence and sex (at least exposing female thigh and breast and also kissing scenes), Upin and Ipin is very good and educative. By watching Upin and Ipin, our children could learn how to behave well according to Islamic teaching.

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