Stop Afghanistan War! Stop Women and Children’s Tears!

Just because of terrorists attack on September 11, 2001, that kill 2,976 people, George W Bush attack Afghanistan. Bush charge Afghanistan behind the attack though the Afghanistan government reject it.

Because of US and its allies invasion, at least Bush send more than 4,000 US soldiers to the grave and killed hundreds of thousand Afghanistan people including women and children…

Lies on Jewish Holocaust

There are many strange things in Jewish Holocaust. First the number of 6 million Jewish Victims which is exaggerated.  For information, the total Jewish population in Great Britain only 300,000 people, in France only 500,000, in Russia around 230,000 while in Germany around 500,000 people. How come the number of Jewish victims become 6 millions with many survivors?

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No War for Israel in Iran

David Duke ask American people to refuse War for Israel in Iran. For example, A Jewish extremist such as Paul Wolfowitz had make American people attack Iraq for a false “World Mass Destructive Weapon”. This war cause 4,000 American soldiers died because for Jewish extremist such as Wolfowitz.

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